The Oil and Gas Industry has created hundreds of thousands of Suspended and Abandoned Oil and Gas wells over the past many decades. Some of these wells are leaking and this can create a risk to public safety and have an impact on the use of those lands above that well and in close proximity to that well.“Please note there is a clear process that can be undertaken to determine if a well is leaking”.

Each well that is suspended (Directive 13)or abandoned (Directive 20)is subject to the regulator’s requirements and these requirements have changed a great deal over the years as we learn more and more. The technology, processes and tools used to suspend/abandoned wells over the years has changed also.

Research has shown that some suspended and abandoned wells are now leaking and this is a problem that directly affects public safety but it can be properly addressed and dealt with once it is recognized, that is what WE DO!

We can assist our Clients by:

  • finding and assessing the wells/pipelines and facilities current condition and potential risk.Directive 79 Assessments.
  • assisting future land (developers) users in addressing and planning for the potential risks associated with that well and the associated infrastructure such as pipelines or facilities.
  • supporting the rehabilitation of any leaking or risky wells that may cause a risk to public safety with our industry partners.

Our team is comprised of:

  • Project Managers
  • Production Engineers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Cartographers &
  • Field staff.

We can assist you in determining the risks that may or may not be present and creating a viable plan to either eliminate or mitigate those risks.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.